Why The USPS Should Have Made Babies A Brand Priority

By Kenbur 3 years ago

I was in New York recently and had to do a double take when I saw a USPS mail carrier delivering mail. The mail was being maneuvered through the streets using a device that greatly resembled the popular product design of the luxury baby stroller–

  • Two bigger wheels in the back that sit on a wider frame.
  • Two smaller wheels in the front that sit on a narrow frame.
  • Ability to house precious cargo safely.

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Could baby strollers have been the answer to the USPS’ financial crisis?

The mail carrier device and the baby stroller have similar functions and design. I’ll argue that the mail carrier has an even better design. The way the front wheel frame curves in the front, and the ratio in size of the front and back wheels, look vintage (An important aspect of the current luxury product offerings.) The mail carrier, unlike the baby stroller, uses one handle and gives the handler more flexibility with a free hand.

Part of discovering a great product idea is noticing where these kind of parallel’s exist. When needed functionality and good design exist in one place, chances are they may fill a need somewhere else.

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