Apple and why anything else is uncivilized

By Kenbur 3 years ago

Apple’s brand strategy seems simple – Make people fall so in love with your product offerings that anything else is uncivilized. 

What does this mean with the launch of products like the Apple Watch and Apple Music? What could possibly be next for the brand that seems to have it all? The answer, become a commodity brand. Make it so that anytime we think of looking at our Watch or uttering the word Music, Apple is living in our subconscious mind. These associations are  strong enough to create dominance in any product category.

It’s different than Q-tips, Kleenex and Google, which were basically the first of their kind. Apple has taken ideas that have been around, yet make people feel that it was not the right experience until introduced by them. It’s why the only smart phone or tablet worth having, for many, is an Apple one.

If someone say’s “Google it”, you know what they mean.

Apple will have people saying “…stream it on Music.”

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