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Everything in existence has a story. In every story lives a message and a message worth sharing is the foundation of a strong brand. We exist to share our clients authentic stories.

Brand Strategy

Discovery, planning and execution to guide strategy and maximize outcomes.

Brand Design

Design of elements that help shape the visual brand story.

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Extending brand reach through the development and management of the digital presence.

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Are you considering your brand needs? Clients work with and refer us for several reasons.

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  • Launch or refine business, product or service
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Kenbur transformed the development of our company website into an opportunity for our brand at-large. They are partners in helping us clearly communicate who we are and creative visionaries that bring our every request to life. Working in the construction industry, efficiency and focus are essential qualities for our projects. Kenbur is efficient, focused, and delivers exceptional service, which is why I would recommend their business to anyone looking to build their brand. Although we are in another state, they are very responsive to our needs. It feels like they are with us in our offices in Chicago!

Nosa Ehi, Bowa Construction

Working with Pannsy was one of the most transformational processes I have ever experienced. I received way more than just a website that captured the work I do. I was encouraged to explore, lean into and unveil what I lived and longed to share with the world. The website she delivered captured my true essence.

Janine Harris Degitz, Restorative Living

My experience working with Kenbur, under the direction of founder Pannsy Brown has been phenomenal. Our work together has been most effective when we bring them in at the very beginning of a project and include them as an integral part of our project plan and decision making throughout. In addition to making the end product look good and flow well, Kenbur’s input in the decision-making process saves time, strengthens communication and makes for an even happier customer. Their branding and image direction improves our customer’s connection with their customers. Their work is so captivating and professional, I insist on having them work with us at every possible opportunity. Their support on projects not only make our customers look good, they make us look good.

Toni Bell, Phoenix Consulting

When we have ideas to express —whether web-based or in print—we seek out Kenbur’s strategic design talent and graphics expertise. Having Kenbur as our “go to” communications partner enables us to hit both our emotional and brand engagement goals. We enjoy their collaborative style and benefit from their experience in serving clients across multiple industries. They deliver perceptive visual solutions and messaging on every project!

Lardon & Associates

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Fear, doubt, and that thing limiting our full potential

June 22, 2015
Over the weekend I met a wickedly smart 16 year old. She confessed to being a perfectionist; a common term used by people trying to explain why they procrastinate or hide their truest selves. As a recovering perfectionist, I recognize this pattern like my favorite pair of shoes. There are a few types of people: 1. People who are waiting to reveal their true selves. 2. People who are catching up to who they really are. 3. And people who know their truest self. The first step to wisdom is calling things as they really are. Start calling perfectionism what it really is; procrastination, fear, doubt, and “that thing” limiting our full potential.

What owning your story looks like

June 23, 2015
Bearing witness to another person owning their story produces strength. It allows us to immerse ourselves in the moment. A few weeks ago I had the honor of co-hosting the TEDxColumbus Women event. The theme was Own It  (The power of our story) and the line-up of speakers more than delivered. They owned their stories, they owned the moment, giving anyone who was available the opportunity to be inspired, challenged and changed. Witness what owning your story looks like from the TEDx stage; the videos are here!

Why The USPS Should Have Made Babies A Brand Priority

June 19, 2015
I was in New York recently and had to do a double take when I saw a USPS mail carrier delivering mail. The mail was being maneuvered through the streets using a device that greatly resembled the popular product design of the luxury baby stroller– Two bigger wheels in the back that sit on a wider frame. Two smaller wheels in the front that sit on a narrow frame. Ability to house precious cargo safely. Could baby strollers have been the answer to the USPS’ financial crisis? The mail carrier device and the baby stroller have similar functions and design. I’ll argue that the mail carrier has an even better design. The way the front wheel frame curves in the front, and the ratio in size of the front and back wheels, look vintage (An important aspect of the current luxury product offerings.) The mail carrier, unlike the baby stroller, uses one handle and gives the handler more flexibility with a free hand. Part of discovering a great product idea is noticing where these kind of parallel’s exist. When needed functionality and good design exist in one place, chances are they may fill a need somewhere else.

Apple and why anything else is uncivilized

June 19, 2015
Apple’s brand strategy seems simple – Make people fall so in love with your product offerings that anything else is uncivilized.  What does this mean with the launch of products like the Apple Watch and Apple Music? What could possibly be next for the brand that seems to have it all? The answer, become a commodity brand. Make it so that anytime we think of looking at our Watch or uttering the word Music, Apple is living in our subconscious mind. These associations are  strong enough to create dominance in any product category. It’s different than Q-tips, Kleenex and Google, which were basically the first of their kind. Apple has taken ideas that have been around, yet make people feel that it was not the right experience until introduced by them. It’s why the only smart phone or tablet worth having, for many, is an Apple one. If someone say’s “Google it”, you know what they mean. Apple will have people saying “…stream it on Music.”